Snowy Snugglepants

My humans brought me home a new “brother” on Valentine’s Day. I was weary of this little white six month old kitten especially since he’s my arch enemy ie.. a ceiling cat!!!! They confined the little devil to the second bedroom to let him get acclimated for a few days. We corresponded through the door. He seemed very naive… perfect for corrupting.  On the third day the devil escaped and started to explore the rest of the condo. I watched intently as the white little kitty checked every little nook and cranny throughout MY home.  Then it donned on me, I can use this little kitten to my advantage MOL! So I befriended him within a few hours after formerly meeting, to the surprise of my human parents.

Nice to meet you Snowy

I actually like having the little guy around. We love to play all day long, wrestle and even nap with each other. Sometimes I even groom him because “white fur” is sooo last season!

Anyways, my humans renamed the little devil from “Pal” (horrible name, I know) to Snowy Snugglepants. I enjoy Snowy overall. It’s really fun to have a little brother that I can boss around all day. Here are some cute pictures of the little bugger.

Snowy Snugglepants

Snowy chillin in the popason chair

Snowy snipped my pillow!


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