My many outfits

UMass Shirt

So my humans have experimented in dressing me up for the past year and a half and I have to say that it really isn’t as bad as most kitties would think. At first I resisted, but I soon gave in to the stylish fashion sense that the humans have. In the above photo I am sporting a UMass T-shirt and some build a bear boxer shorts.  (My mommy graduated from UMass so I help support her love for the school)

UMass T-shirt and boxersIn the above picture you can see that I somehow managed to get my harness off.

Umass t-shirtWow I look really long in the above picture, but still adorable!

My Saint Patrick's Day Sweater

My Saint Patrick's Day Sweater

Check out my St. Patrick’s day sweater. This one was a bit too tight but I wore it for my human to make them happy.

St.. Patty's sweater

Christmas sweater and antlers

Christmas sweater and antlers

The above picture is one of my Christmas sweaters and the dreaded antlers. The antlers have a bell on one side that is extremely tempting to bat at. I have managed to get used to this outfit but it took a while.  (One of my least favorites)

My furry Christmas sweater

My furry Christmas sweater

I think I look adorable in the above picture of my other Christmas sweater!

My Halloween Outfit

My Halloween Outfit

Seeing as it’s my favorite time of the year, my humans bought me a cute little witch’s hat to go along with my orange claw caps. I think I look ultra awesome this season!

I hope you enjoyed my fashion show!


Salem Spookypants


2 Responses to “My many outfits”

  1. F** yea spooky cat!

  2. I LOVE the furry christmas sweater one Mr.Salem!!!!!!

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