Black cats are Great!!!

Seeing as I’m a black cat, I wanted to write an article on the pure foolishness of thinking that having a black cat is a curse, bad luck etc.IMG_2743

I was born this way and it’s not my fault that my fur just happens to be black so please stop judging me. Do not adopt my fellow black cat kitties around Halloween just to use us and then dump us on the side of the road. That is just cruel and not cool by any means. We do look fantastic during the Halloween season but please do not use us for that one reason alone.

We all want our forever homes just like our colored kitty friends. We seem to be the least adopted kitty based solely on our fur color and I just think thats wrong!

My mommy and daddy tell me everyday how beautiful I am. I have a wonderfully silky black coat from the tip of my nose to the end of my tale and I’m proud of it.

Here are some reasons why black cats are great to own:

1.  We are easy to locate during a snow storm.

2. Our fur won’t show up on your black clothes.

3.  We can make you look skinnier just my holding us because black is slimming.

4. Countries like Ireland consider us GOOD LUCK!!!!

5.  You can dress us up in any color outfit or harness because black goes with everything.

6. We are extremely sleek and silky.

I could go on and one, but you get the picture. We are awesome and you should adopt a fellow black kitty just like me.


Salem Spookypants


One Response to “Black cats are Great!!!”

  1. Good morning Mr. Spokeypants! You are indeed VERY lucky to have such a good home with parents that love you soooooooo much! You are the purrrrrrrrrrfect kitty, tell your parents that you would like just one more kitty to play with!! This would make your world purrrrrrrrrfect!

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