My First Experience With Snow

There's Snow on my face!

There's Snow on my face!

A big  storm came last year and brought this weird white stuff to the outside world. My humans could tell that I was curious as to what is was so they let me outside to check it out (With their supervision).

They carried me down the back steps and placed me down on top of this weird coating of white stuff. BURRR this stuff is COLD!!!!! I tried to walk on it and I kept sinking in (meanwhile my humans laughed at my discoveries)

snowI quickly discovered that being a black cat in this white snow would not help my hunting skills or help me blend in like I normally can. I spent maybe a total of five minutes investigating this stuff until I had enough and indicated to my human daddy that I wished to be picked up and brought insidediscovering snow.

My conclusion is that I am not a fan of snow and I rather just watch from my warm window seat!


Salem Spookypants

Enough of this


2 Responses to “My First Experience With Snow”

  1. princessfancypants Says:

    MOL- My sister is a black cat, and she loves snow! When my laydee and dadee bring it inside, of course. 🙂

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