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October is the Season for Us Black Kitties!

Posted in halloween, Pets with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on October 22, 2010 by Salem Spookypants
I’m getting so excited for Halloween. It’s coming up fast and I can’t wait to dress up and greet the little kids at the front door of my Mommy’s condo. Don’t worry, I’m an indoor cat so nobody will be able to catnap me. Plus, my Daddy would be extremely angry if any human tried to!


I'm Ready for Halloween!

My Mommy has us all ready for Halloween this year with our orange claw caps from Soft Paws. I look extra spooky in these and I really don’t mind wearing them anymore since she loves to outfit us for the various seasons with these color coordinating claw caps.

The fangs are all mine! My Mommy and Daddy love that I have huge fangs. They think it makes me look extra spooky!

Snowy spying as usual

Above is my brother Snowy.  For a ceiling cat, he’s a great friend to have around.


Why do cats like to sit on laps?

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My humans recently questioned why I like to sit on their laps so much.

I enjoy sitting on my humans pretty much 24/7 . I do this because their laps/stomach/legs and even their faces are nice and warm and it feels like I’m sitting on my own personal human heating pad and who wouldn’t like that right? Secondly, I just like hanging out with my mommy and daddy. I know that by sitting on them 24/7 it ensures me a good amount of attention and I LOVE attention whether that be  getting petted, hugged or kissed. Last but not least, I love my mommy and daddy and I know that they enjoy cuddling with me just as much as I enjoy cuddling with them.

Yes, I am a cuddly cat and I’m proud of it! I even give them a massage once in a while to show them how much I care about them.