Why do cats like to sit on laps?

My humans recently questioned why I like to sit on their laps so much.

I enjoy sitting on my humans pretty much 24/7 . I do this because their laps/stomach/legs and even their faces are nice and warm and it feels like I’m sitting on my own personal human heating pad and who wouldn’t like that right? Secondly, I just like hanging out with my mommy and daddy. I know that by sitting on them 24/7 it ensures me a good amount of attention and I LOVE attention whether that be  getting petted, hugged or kissed. Last but not least, I love my mommy and daddy and I know that they enjoy cuddling with me just as much as I enjoy cuddling with them.

Yes, I am a cuddly cat and I’m proud of it! I even give them a massage once in a while to show them how much I care about them.


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