I Have Ear Mites :-(

My ears had been itching me a lot lately. I would meow while scratching them and then shake my violently spreading brown gunk everywhere. My mommy was very concerned that I might have ear mites (I had them when I was a kitten before I was adopted). She made the appointment with my Veterinarian at the Agawam Animal Hospital and brought me in to get checked out.

The Vet took a swab of the gunk inside my ears and then looked at it under a microscope. He found ear mites eww!!!!

A Veternarian technician then put a one time solution inside my ear to kill  all the ear mites. I was not a fan of this and held onto my mommy as they did this to me.

Overall I understand the need to get this taken care of and I’m happy that my mommy cares enough about me to make me better. The total cost of this 15 minute visit was $70 ouch! (Not a fan of the price but my health is worth it)

How did I manage to get ear mites? I’m not quite sure. The mites are transfered from cat to cat. I live alone with my mommy and daddy so I know I didn’t get the mites from them. I have gone on visits to my mommy’s parents house ie. grandparents house where they have three kitties living there so I could have picked the mites up from one them, but I’m not positive. My mommy is going to call her parents to let them know about the ear mite problem just in case.

I’m glad that this problem is finnally solved and that my mommy is so smart to realize when I have a medical problem!


Salem Spookypants


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