The trip home…

The humans put me in my brand spanking new carrier and then we jumped into their car. My new human parent Joe needed to make a stop down the road so I sat in the car with my new human mommy and waited for him.  Ohh boy was I nervous. I gave her lots of hugs and kisses but I couldn’t stop meowing for some reason (I think my nerves got the best of me) My mommy thought my meows were adorable and continued to cuddle with me.

My new daddy finally jumped back in the car and off we went. We only traveled a few miles until we made another stop. This time they placed me back in my carrier and took me into the store. It was a pet food store. YUMM!!! They let me pick out some fancy kitten food, a scratching post, my own litter box and a bunch of new toys. BOY was I a lucky kitten!

I was anxious to see what kind of home I was going to have and to see if I would have any siblings. We pulled up to a condominium complex and parked in my mommy’s parking space. They carried me in along with all my new stuff and let me out pf my carrier.

WOW did I strike gold! My human parents set up my litter box, food and water while I started my inspection. They had a small  kitchen that opened up into the dinning room which then opened up into the living room. A nice open space for me to run around but still be able to see my humans. Then I noticed they had STAIRS!!!! I don’t think I had ever been up and down stairs before and let me tell you that they are so much fun!!!! Upstairs the humans had two bedrooms but one was being used as an office and a bathroom

Let me tell you this…..This is my FOREVER home and I KNOW it!!!!!!

I searched for possible siblings but it seemed that my humans were just starting out on their lives together and I was their first “child.” I was cool with that, and I knew I was up for being spoiled beyond belief.


Salem Spookypants

I give big hugs to my humans!

I give big hugs to my humans!

Salem chillin on the bed


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  1. This is Great! You could write a book using this-DAD

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