My first Christmas, December 2008

My Christmas Sweater

My Christmas Sweater

Ohh what a wonderful holiday Christmas was. The humans cut down an evergreen tree and set it up in the dinning room. Who would ever think to do such a weird thing???? I loved this new found tree in my house. It smelled so nice and i could play with the branches all day long while they were away at work. The humans put these weird ornaments all over the tree. I managed to break a few and my mommy was not  too happy with me 😦

They also strung white lights around the tree and plugged them in at night.

Me with the Lights

Me with the Lights

Such a weird tradition!!!!! I would never think to do this!

I like these lights!

I like these lights!

When December 25th came along my mommy and daddy dressed me up in my christmas sweater and brought me over to their parents (my human grandparents) house.  I got to  hang out with all the relatives and receive extra attention. These humans had tons of wrapped up presents under the tree. I couldn’t stop thinking to myself that this is SO WEIRD! Later that morning the humans began to open these presents and give me the wrapping paper to play with. SCORE!

Overall I really enjoyed this holiday and I can’t wait for this Christmas. I even got my own stalking with tons of toys like mice and cat nip.

At Grandma's House!

At Grandma's House!

My humans also bought me a cute sweater and a ridiculous antler hat which I hate. I wear it though to please them until their not paying attention so I can take it off and hide it away under the couch.

Me and my annoying antlers

Me and my annoying antler


Salem Spookypants


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